Back in time

Back in time
  1. Nice atmosphere!

  2. Superb shot! Very cool composition, like it!

  3. I think it would be much stronger cropped just above the top of the car as it accentuates the tones of this b&w image even more. The car itself in the photo makes me picture a small wimpy little car horn honking.

  4. I\'ve never seen a car shaped like that. Good shot Frida. Interesting. 🙂

  5. That is definitely \"back in time,\" Frida!

  6. I love the whiteness of the car.
    the black and white well managed, Bravo

  7. Simple but elloquent picture with a soft old-age treatment.

  8. Yes, many years back in time! Very well done!

  9. I just love little cars. I don\'t even know what it is, but it\'s cute. The tone you\'ve applied gives it an even more nostalgic appearance.

  10. great in black and wihte

  11. Great image. I like the texture of the car, I think cars in modest shape make good photographs, and it works with the background as well. Well done.

  12. Nice shot, I like the composition, well done.

  13. is that a volvo? cool composition, love the white car against the black barn

  14. Great find! Love the processing.

  15. What a funny little car – looks like what a cartoonist would draw. Nice b&w processing.

  16. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
    I love that car,
    I drive normal in a Jeep,
    but this is soooooooooo old fashion
    sooooooo cool !!
    I like it ^____^
    Happy ww!!

  17. Lovely shot. A perfect image for converting to B&W.

  18. Beautifull old car, superbly presented in b&w photography. Excellent work Frida!

  19. Wow what an excellent photograph.

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