Sad to see this

  1. Winter is hard on buildings. Still surprised though – it looks like it was built to last.

  2. A bit sad, but a very cool picture!

  3. Splendid this BW exposition of an old-abandonated country house.

  4. B+W adds so much image. Sad to see indeed.

  5. Your title took the words right out of my mouth. Your capture is exceptional.

  6. Ruins can be quite beautiful, especially when photographed as well as this. The lines, shading and angles are very crisp.

    At the same time, one is mindful that this was someone\'s house.

  7. Oh my, Frida. But it\'s beautiful in its own way.

  8. sad really, must have been a great cottage
    very nice bw shot

  9. No doubt, this looked like the \'gingerbread\' house at one time that you featured a few days ago.

  10. Fantastic shot. And so perfect in black and white.

  11. WOW! now this is a sign of devastation excellent capture and it works very well in B/W

  12. So sad that the hopes and dreams of one or more families have ended this way. It makes a wonderfully textured, emotional shot, and you have captured the essence of the sadness absolutely superbly

  13. Fantastic textures and lines!

  14. lovely photo though

    Here’s my WW hope you can stop by!

  15. It is sad, but what a gorgeous photograph!

  16. Looks like someone is in need of a new home! 😉 Nice black and white!

  17. Its BEAUTIFUL, so naturaly 🙂

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