Inside the joy of spring II

Joy of spring II
  1. Another stunning macro (I see a figure in yellow posing for us!)

  2. Stunning Macro shot and the details make the image pop out of the screen. Awesome shot.

  3. I agree it does look rather tasty maybe I am also hungry, beautiful Macro 🙂

  4. This is going to sound weird, but the center portion looks like something edible. I\'m thinking cheetos. Maybe I\'m just hungry:-) So colorful and nice.

  5. Stunning. Most things become very interesting close up.

  6. Exquisite beauty. WOW!

  7. That\'s a great image.
    I really enjoyed this frame, thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. amazing!

  9. Superb details, vibrant colors … excellent shot again. COngrats Frida!

  10. This is a great looking close up with nicely saturated color and detail. Nice one.

  11. Beautiful colours and details.

  12. We posted similar photos this week!

  13. beautiful colours and very detailed

  14. As you know…I love the crocus 🙂
    Wonderful colors…

  15. I just love this combination of colour. the light and detail is fantastic.

  16. Nice render of the little details, and yellow and purple is always a nice combination, the only thing that I don\'t like is the hint of green in the lower left corner.

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