Birdhouses on a row

On a row

Almost finished here but when we left to go home to town, they were all up in different trees.

  1. But how will the birds get in?! ;^) Nice composition!

  2. Well, I see someone else has the same hobby:-)

  3. I see you still have a lot of property on the market and few buyers as is the case here ! Very neat shot.

  4. Nice crisp clean order of composition. Love to see the shot of them in different trees. If possible?

  5. Would be a great idea, to joing birds in a community? or not 🙂

  6. WOW…they form an interesting symmetry and they just stand out loud against the green backdrop

  7. And no back door for escape, Frida?? They remind me of mailboxes at our Michigan cottage, all lined up in a row like that. I wonder if the birds would use them if they had holes in them? 🙂

  8. Very sweet and appealing image. Love the composition..the repetition of color and pattern…the softness of the wood against the greens.

  9. il a l\'air sympa cet HLM pour oiseaux

  10. what a lovely composition. i guess the birds will be thrilled. :))

  11. wow, did you make them? that\'s really cool

  12. This is such a nice image. The fresh new wood against the lush green is wonderful. I hope you will revisit them when they are up in the trees and full of birds 🙂

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