Black-headed Gull – Larus ridibundus

  1. A stunning photograph. You\'ve been posting so many fantastic shots. I\'ve been watching.

  2. Such a pretty bird. He looks so soft. Nicely done Frida. Framed perfect too. 🙂

  3. So perfect contrasts … well composed Frida

  4. Beautiful light on that sea gull.

  5. very nice compo, and the gull doesn\'t seem scared.. great!

  6. What an unusual looking gull. Love the clarity..the light.

  7. beautiful portrait

  8. Wow, what a fantastic capture of the gull. The lighting is beautiful, the detail is superb.

  9. Wicked sharp! Love the amount of detail you\'ve captured here. Really great work.

  10. Nice Capture, well done

  11. A perfect image, Frida. Such purity in this scene.

  12. I\'ve never seen a gull such as this. What a beautiful bird and a stunning capture! Bravo!

  13. When you look at him like this, he/she looks so well-balanced, Frida.

  14. The lighting is exceptional here. The details are perfectly sharp and the gull stands our nicely from the background. Very nice!

  15. Lovely shot Frida. Excellent clear and clean looking image. Great lighting and the overall sharpness is superb.

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