Just follow the path…

Follow the path
  1. fantastic green dominant element of this photo

  2. Looks like a perfect place for a photo promenade.

  3. Now its time for a walk. 😉
    Beautiful picture.

  4. Vilken hoppgivande underbar bild!

  5. Fresh and lovely frame. Can\'t wait to get up and over to the right and see the view from there.

  6. Serenity, light, colors…I LOVE NATURE! Lovely scene Frida…LIKE IT!

  7. Beautiful composition with glorious greens. You really found a little corner of heaven there!

  8. that\'s what i\'d call a relaxing walk.
    excellent place, wonderful!

  9. superbes colors and nice pdc, a great invitation threw the forest great work !

  10. The greens are beautiful. I wouldn\'t mind walking there right now.

  11. looks a lovely path to follow. very nice indeed.

  12. I wonder where that path leads

  13. It sure looks like something i would like to go in now after working all day. Lovely fresh green color and atmosphere.

  14. How inviting. Looks like such a pleasant place for a walk.

  15. A very appealing \"path\" in the woods. I like the bright sunlight that makes the greens so vibrant. Nice shot.

  16. I m sure the picture says a little more than your title…follow the path to paradise. Beautiful image

  17. Love the strong greens

  18. This is truly a beautiful and serene place. Lovely lush green landscape. Great composition with the path leading one through this image.

  19. Such a peaceful atmosphere! Love the light and the tones. Absolutely beautiful!

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