Oh no…

Oh no

…where do I go from here??!!

  1. Bringt mich zum lächeln 😉 – sehr schönes Detail !

  2. This is lovely.

  3. superb framing and gorgeous light.

  4. Simple, oh so simple. But very enjoyable.

  5. Your close-up photos are amazing Frida… This is such a cool shot! 🙂

  6. Very good. I\'ve taken more than my share of snail photos (saw one just yesterday and thought \"I oughta go get my camera\"). but this one is much nicer. I love how you composed this with the contrasting foreground and background.

  7. beatiful macro 😉

  8. Nice close up and contrasting composition!

  9. Totally awesome, Frida. You never cease to amaze me.

  10. Very cute and very slimy at the same time 😉

  11. Frida WOW … a perfect masterpiece

  12. Stunning clarity and detail! Beautiful shot!

  13. Men oj, stackars lilla snigel 🙂 Fantastisk skärpa. Använder du stativ?

  14. Wow, a cute image.

  15. I love your title….it\'s instantly emotive!
    Incredible photo and macro, I can\'t get over the detail of the shell.

  16. We all know this feeling ! Lovely slimy study.

  17. i love the sharpness, this is great but please stop her !! lol!

  18. This is beautiful, Frida. I\'m not scared of these:-) Love the warm colors and the capture from the back.

  19. Great little animal ! So sweet !

  20. nice detail

  21. just remarkable

  22. What a coolshot, fantastic details

  23. wow ! nice capture

  24. Fantastic macro shot and I like the way you have composed this.

  25. The world is really flat …. bummer.

  26. Beautiful shot of a snail. I like his eyes 🙂

  27. Nice colors, clarity and details. I hope this snail is not shortsighted.

  28. Going over the edge – ever so slowly – there.

    Wonderful macro capture!

  29. fantastic, the snail looks almost transparent

  30. great detail.. i suppose also that you save him from the inevitable bungee jumping :)) kidding. nice compo

  31. Great find..and exquisite detail!!!

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