The last encore

  1. wow great light, I like your collection

  2. Great image. I love your lighting and chosen DOF. Well done.

  3. i seem to have missed some great stuff whilst i\'ve been away: this in particular i find very appealing

  4. Super compo, tones, and detail. Reminds me of sea animals.

  5. wow this is a masterpiece. amazing light!

  6. A striking close up. I like the fine detail of your shot and its wonderful contrast. Beautiful job of shooting.

  7. Unique light, composition and processing. Nice!

  8. Exquisite! Love the backlight..the black background.

  9. WOW! What a wonderful light…GREAT MACRO FRIDA 🙂

  10. Splendid macro, incredible details and perfect light!

  11. Impressive composition Frida. The lighting is spectacular, a beautiful and stunning image.

  12. Beautiful contrast and tones.

  13. amazing, i am wordless

  14. Well done. Nice tones and light.
    Thumbs up !

  15. Perfect!

  16. A lovely macro with splendid tones.

  17. that is so amazing . . . one of your best

  18. Very good! This contre-jour macro is fantastic!

  19. Nice one, it looks like little alien tentacles reaching of for something, maybe you !?

  20. Have I told you yet, Frida, that your photographic work is some of the most soulful I see on a regular basis. I am always eager to see what you\'ll have up whenever I come to visit you! Somehow you not only never disappoint but just seem to be getting better and better every time I look!

  21. Stunning macro, almost surreal!

  22. Nice work on this one. I really like the backlighting. Did you use a flash or was this natural light?

  23. Wow.. awesome shot! 🙂

  24. Wow what a superb photo. Brilliant!

  25. Lovely macro! Looks like an alien landscape 🙂

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