1. Beautifull shot, great macro

  2. Great detail, nicely captured!

  3. wow, you\'re a real macro master!

  4. Like distorted crystals. Interesting and simple too.

  5. Incredible macro .. well done Frida

  6. Mmmm, since the current post is \'sugar cubes\' these must be \'gum drops\'
    Beautiful contrast and so unique!

  7. This is my kind of photography, I love macros, I love the smaal world to be seen, you did a great job here, I am impressed.

  8. Great macro of water droplets. Big and sharp.

  9. Beautiful colors, composition and details. A truly splendid macro capture!

  10. Great \"lens\" effect with the droplets. I like the detail of the leaf. Very nice shot.

  11. wow the details are amazing! excellent macro

  12. WOW! Exquisite exceptional detail. Love how you can see the leaf\'s veins thru the water drops.

  13. really interesting. that drop on the right looks like gelatin.

  14. Gorgeous Macro! Love the textures!

  15. Such perfect orbs of water. Amazing shot, Frida.

  16. Beautiful image Frida. Love the clarity and crystal like water drops. Excellent composition.

  17. I LOVE your work, Frida! It\'s so inspiring to me!!

  18. EXCELLENT! This is a very great macro…perfectly realized!

  19. I like this one, looks like the drops are almost frozen. The pattern on the leaf are very clear.

  20. beautiful macro shot.. reflection and concentration..

  21. Stunning macro! Love the textures!

  22. Wow!!!Espectacular, una gran macro . Saludos!

  23. Very nice. I especially like the distortions seen through the drops.

  24. Vilken urtjusig bild!

  25. excellent, looks like two jewels. i love the textures in and out the water drops, i love it!

  26. Oh, you captured this so lovely! Great photograph 🙂

  27. Like little liquid pearls 😉 Nice one!

  28. ca fait loupe, c\'est superbe !

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