Chilly weekend

Chilly weekend

After a cold day out in the garden it’s so nice to sit in the sofa looking at the fire and feel the warmth from the fireplace.

  1. love the warm mood

  2. Looks inviting (but it\'s too hot here:-) Love a crackling fire. I could stare at this for a very long time.

  3. Fantastic 🙂
    Its a BEAUTY !!

  4. too hot for here but this would be just the trick for a cold ohio winter!

  5. A perfect capture of this log fire. Amazing details, excellent highlights and contrasts.

  6. Great how you captured the flames!

  7. wow I can spend hours to see this shot

  8. Great capture of the fire.

  9. Very moody 😀

  10. Nice control of the light! The colours and motion are wonderful and warm.

  11. What is it about campfires or fireplaces that mesmerize us so much!!!

  12. Excellent exposure.

  13. Nice way of bringing a little heat to a cold summer\'s night 😉

  14. Excellent fire shoot! Bravo!

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