Dove Tree – Pocket Handkerchief Tree

Dove tree

One of the last flowers on the “Pocket Handkerchief Tree”. This I found in one of our small towns many parks. A rather plain flower just a white “leaf”. I was just in time because I think those few remaining flowers will be gone tomorrow

  1. So delicate. That one small droplet at the tip of the flower is especially lovely.

  2. Interesting – I\'ve never seen or heard of this tree – it is characteristic of a dove.

  3. Love the simplicity..the soft color. What an extraordinary leaf!

  4. A beautiful image of this rare (to me) leaf. Nice setting.

  5. white and green, great composition

  6. Wow an albino leaf. Love those green tones.

  7. Stunning image Frida. The white contrasts so beautifully with the green leaves and background. Excellent work.

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