Tea and biscuits with my friend

Tea and biscuits
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  1. This is a great close-up Frida…..i find him quite cute…..peter:)

  2. What a cute little friend you have, such a lovely shot.

  3. This is wonderful! So cute, with her little eyes..

  4. Hihi, söt liten fikakompis du har 🙂

  5. Never seen such a red squirrel before! Great close-up

  6. absolutely lovely !!!

  7. What a cute photo, that is one chubby red squirrel.

  8. A really cute squirrel picture. Very nice compagny for tea time…

  9. he\'s adorable, nice picture

  10. So sweet 🙂

  11. Sweet..and not an easy capture. Wonderful moment!!!

  12. Weet and relaxing moment for him? I hope. Nice shot

  13. Really delightful and fun to look at. A great capture!

  14. They are so adorable. You got a wonderful capture of it.

  15. And you didn\'t invite me????

  16. :o) Awe! Supercute! How many cookies did you have to feed him till you got the perfect shot? LOL

  17. Oh, so cute!

  18. So cute! Lovely capture!

  19. what a cute little fellow! there\'s not too many red squirrels left in england sadly.

  20. What a cute squirrel. I like his ruddy colored hair. Mine here are much more gray. Nice shot.

  21. Sååå söt! De där brukar kunna bli riktigt tama.

  22. Too cute. Fantastic capt

  23. Such a lovely and adorable shot. Excellent capture, like the warm colors and the clarity is outstanding.

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