1. Lovely! Fantastic colors and a great composition.

  2. Men åh…fiiint! Drömskt, levande, jag känner doften ända hit.

  3. Wow, beautiful shot. I love the saturated colors and slightly soft processing.

  4. Beautiful, saturated colours and a dreamy feel to the frame.

  5. Extraordinary deep rich color. Love how the greens fill the frame.

  6. Very pleasant. Like the closed bud vs open flower and the slight orton effect applied here. It works well.

  7. what beautiful reds and blues! a fabulous shot.

  8. I love this red that comes out from the green, great shot

  9. red on green, excellent!

  10. it\'s marvelously soft and tender, a great picture with an immense poetry

  11. This is gorgeous, Frida. So lush.

  12. I think red was always meant to be saturated like this, Frida. 🙂

  13. The complementary colors red and green are so vibrant here. Beautiful.

  14. This is amazing, the clean green against the bright red, just makes this image come together in such a beautiful way. Wonderful work!

  15. This simply lovely, stunning colours and composition! 🙂 Congrats!

  16. This is a delightful, artistic and magical image. I just love those colors!

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