Snail on the way


After several days of rain we finally went out for a short walk yesterday evening. Everything was soaking wet. This little snail was climbing the stem of the flower. It was hard to get anywhere even for him.

  1. Vad ska man säga… du är så duktig på att fotografera, så är det bara! Underbar bild igen.

  2. very sharp, lovely pic

  3. What an interesting find. Colorful and excellent detail.

  4. Lovely! Beautiful composition and depth of field that draws the observer into the frame.

  5. Lovely, droplets everywhere. Beautiful greens as well.

  6. So nice details and excellent colors

  7. So pretty, Frida. That brown shell is really striking.

  8. Yes, the colours and the crisp details are amazing!

  9. Ja de där finns det gott om nu. I det här eviga regnandet! Vill ha sommar nu.

  10. wow, fantastic macro, so crisp and vivid

  11. i love the vivid color of shell and flowers. also nice those details from water drops!

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