In the garden

In the garden
  1. What a beautiful little piece of past time!
    The structure and colors works so well together.

  2. i like how hature slowly takes back the garden 🙂

  3. It must be ancient. I\'ve only seen that stuff grow on grave markers. This is beautiful.

  4. Great find!

  5. I LOVE water pumps, Frida, but I have never seen one so \"decorated\" with lichen! What a find!

  6. Great photo. Like don, I like the corrosion and scaling on the pump, and set against the vegetation it makes for quite a texture!

  7. I like this encrusted pump for all its textures and color. It has such an appealing design. Very nice shot.

  8. Cool shape – resembles a figure presenting an offering to me – neat find that has withstood the test of time!

  9. it\'s like a kind of hug from the Nature! i love the silver plants over the black pump .

  10. Great detail and textures in this shot Frida….I love the lichen on the pump!

  11. Like the framing and the good color contrast

  12. Wonderful pump! I love the lichen decoration!

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