Sugar Cubes

Sugar Cubes
  1. Ah yes, a sugar cube farm if I ever saw one… We grow giant marshmallows around here! 🙂

  2. great patterns

  3. Great contrast Frida. Bale of hay protected from the rain?

  4. Buen encuadre y composicion, m egustan los diferentes tonos de verde de este paisaje.

  5. LOL, they do look like sugar cubes don\'t they? Great photo!

  6. Cool, it seems some kind of abstract piece of art

  7. Nice title 🙂 And the fits perfect with it, good!

  8. Curious and funny 🙂

  9. Gorgeous like across this field. I\'ve never seen the square bales wrapped like that. Good idea. Your capture really shows the beauty of your countryside.

  10. Cute title. I love the long, low slanting light. Nice one.

  11. how fascinating–I wonder what it is?

  12. The Alien army has landed! Funny shot.

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