The Result

The Result

This is the eggs from last week. They were green then. Now when they are empty they are white. I sent a mail to the on-call biologist at The Museum of Natural History and his answer was. It is some sort of the stink bug or shield bug in the family Pentatomidae. Pentatomidae on WIKI

  1. Yet I Know what it was – I had last year the same eggs.

  2. Amazing how they all carefully and precisely cut the ends off the eggs to hatch. Thanks for the follow-up image.

  3. looks like delicate pearls, very nice contrast of black and white colors!

  4. Eek! An incredible find and two wonderful captures, but creepy, creepy, creepy.

  5. wow, very interesting

  6. So strange, good thing I love strange!

  7. that is an amazing picture

  8. Jag kan ju inte låta bli att tycka sånt här är sååå intressant. *s* Tänk vilken fantastisk värld vi lever i.

  9. very weird and wonderful…

  10. Quite a difference from your original find. What a transformation once the life leaves these \'shells\'.

  11. realy cool … the nature is so beautyfull

  12. Amazing!! What a great find and fantastic capture. And – how interesting about the \'stink bugs\'. Who\'d of ever guessed?!?!?

  13. Oh my! I should have known you would wait around and show us \"the result,\" Frida. 🙂 How clever of you.

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