Budding Geranium

Budding Geranium
  1. Wonderful capture! Love the clarity and the vivid colors!

  2. Striking shot! Great detail and lovely bokah.

  3. jolies couleurs douces.

  4. Stunning macro and the creens are luscious!

  5. So candid! Beautiful and extremely detailed macro

  6. Exquisite..extraordinary softness and detail. Stunning!!!

  7. So delicate and magical – I\'ve never witnessed the macro beauty of geranium buds bursting to life.

  8. Sensitive photo! The green is so relaxing!

  9. Wonderful and strange…

  10. So very different in macro than with the naked eye. It\'s beautiful.

  11. stunning. i love the way that perfect creamy white is emerging from the green.

  12. Awesome bokeh, stunning details and sharpness

  13. I\'m with Claus on this one… Lovely contrasting colors. Wonderful Photo! 😀

  14. Great macrophotography, beautiful colors and nice contrast.

  15. Nice subtle details, and that white against all that green makes for a nice contrast.

  16. It\'s a beautiful photograph. Nice colors !

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