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Orgyia Antiqua

Orgyia Antiqua

  1. Such a beauty – A stunner piece!

  2. Superb detailed macro. A great hairstyle;-)

  3. superbe macro.

  4. Wonderfull colors and great macro

  5. Wow vilken typ! Och vilken hÀftig bild.

  6. OMG, Frida. It looks like an African war dance!

  7. hairy monster 😉 … GREAT MACRO

  8. Masterpiece! Stunning colours and composition, lovely macro!!

  9. Amazing macro…the colors are really brilliant!

  10. I must admit even though it\'s a creepy critter, it\'s quite gorgeous. Exceptional image, Frida.

  11. Impressive macro and so beautiful

  12. A fine close up of this colorful character. Excellent detail and handling of focus. Very well done.

  13. Your are becoming a macro master! What colors on this. I\'ll have to break out my caterpillar book to see if I can identify it.

  14. Wonderful details and great colors

  15. wow Frida, that\'s brilliant!

  16. oh, wow! fancy looking thing! excellent macro.

  17. That is a really cool looking little thing! Great macro.

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