Line ferry between Arnö and Oknö

Line Ferry
  1. what a colorflu boat, great find

  2. Lovely colors, sharp details and beautifully composed shot

  3. Your ferries are so bright and cheery. Much nicer than ours. The line is interesting.

  4. It looks like a child\'s toy, Frida…so colorful!

  5. Such a pretty scene…I like the line leading from the shore to the ferry. Nice!

  6. Such a colorful ferry..and beautiful scene.

  7. Didn\'t realize these things were still in existence. Excellent view and angle. Amazing capture with such beautiful colors.

  8. Nice colors. We have these sort of ferries in this neck of the woods, but they tend to be painted white.

  9. I like this colorful ferry shot. Good viewpoint to have the line lead to the ferry from the side and it gives us a better view of the boat\'s side. Nice shot.

  10. looks like a big colorful toy! very nice

  11. Excelente colorido y composición, una gran captura. Saludos!

  12. A very colorful ferry.

  13. this could have been shot here in hungary as well,
    we also have these kind of ferrys

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