Little Rascal

Little Rascal

This little rascal has a place up in the trees, where he has full view over our patio. Red Squirrel on WIKI

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  1. Vilken liten sötnos du hittat, trevlig trädgårdskamrat 🙂

  2. I looked at your archive, a joy for the eye, so is this little rascal!

  3. what a cute little guy!

  4. Such a lovely and adorable capture. Like the framing and the colors.

  5. a great capture!

  6. Really nice moment, and this result is great!

  7. Wonderful capture Frida…it\'s so lovely 🙂

  8. Awh, it\'s so cute how it\'s hugging the tree. The red is very unique. I\'ve only seen them in pics. Ours have a bit of red in them, but are definitely American greys:-)

  9. Amazing capture!!!

  10. A fine shot of this sure-footed fellow who looks so pert!
    I like his warm color. Most of the squirrels here are a light gray in color. Nice shot of this one.

  11. Perfect title..and sweet capture. Love the color and light.

  12. ha! fantastic!

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