Red cottage in the woods

Red Cottage In The Woods
  1. This looks totally Swedish 😉

  2. lovely; looks quite an enchanting scene!

  3. That barn is gorgeous. So well cared for and such a perfect shade of red. What a beautiful setting.

  4. A truly lovely countryside scene. Perfectly composed and simply beautiful. Excellent capture Frida.

  5. Almost unreal, like seeing a frame from a children story or something like that. 😀
    Beautifully done, I only wish I could really enjoy the peace and quiet of that place.

  6. Wonderful rural scene. Love the deep rich colors..the composition.

  7. I love the red against all that lucious green. A beautiful pastoral scene!

  8. Sweden in a nutshell. Nice one Frida! /Peter

  9. fine composition and like the clarity

  10. Lovely place! Have a nice weekend to you too Frida 🙂

  11. I love the light at the Northern Latitudes, it isn\'t nearly as harsh as it is here in the south.
    This is a beautiful composition. Great contrast between the greens and the reds. Would like to live in this photo for awhile… 😀

  12. Beautiful spot!

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