Seen from the front

Seen from the front
  1. Well, now I know it\'s made by Suzuki.

  2. Very creative, Frida. I like it, singled out like that!

  3. Wicked shot – neat headlight – is it from an old volvo amazon?

  4. Wait a second. This is in your backyard? Literally?

  5. I guessed right! This was fun, Frida. I\'ve never seen a headlight shaped like that. Cool find.

  6. so it\'s a car, not capt nemo\'s ship 🙂

  7. yay…i got it right! what kind of car is it though??

    i like the reflective chromes.

  8. nice closeup

  9. Nu vet jag vad det ska förestÀlla, alla bitar börjar falla pÄ plats (-;

  10. cool

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