Evening clouds

Evening clouds

A couple of evenings ago these clouds passed over our head.

  1. Now this is remarkable – is this safe air to breathe?

  2. Inusual and powerful view of the sky…LIKE IT!

  3. that black cloud is really frightening, maybe that\'s a deatheater, isn\'t it 🙂

  4. wonderfull clouds mix

  5. What a contrast!

  6. thats one dark cloud.

  7. Cool! I would never have spotted an image like that.

  8. Those are some crazy clouds.

  9. Interesting! Was this natural, or did you change them? Fascinating.

  10. WOW!!! Que pasada los diferentes colores de estas nubes, me encanta!!!

  11. so dramatic to see the contrast of clouds in such close proximity to one another.

  12. I\'ve never seen a black cloud in a blue sky–very interesting

  13. Powerful and dynamic capture of this stunning sky Frida. So real it feels like one is standing outside looking up.

  14. Frida:

    Unusual black cloud! Most interesting.
    I thank you for your comments on my photoblog. You are quite correct that the Gerber Daisy center needed to be sharper! I appreciate such constructive critique.
    Anita 🙂

  15. Wow, what a strange combination of clouds, I like it!

  16. very nice play of clouds!!!

  17. It\'s hard to believe clouds can have all those colors, Frida, but we all know it\'s true! Pretty dramatic!

  18. Very cool:-)

  19. Beautiful clouds! Like the contrast between the black and white. Formation of clouds i just impossible to resist 🙂

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