A meeting in the sea-lane

  1. \'Liv\' is sitting, rather, floating pretty!

  2. The camera position, the waves an setup.. I really like it.

  3. Great camera position. Love the motion of the water. Did you get wet??

  4. Great angle of view. Those waves in the foreground are fabulous–beautiful curves and shapes, smooth and luscious.

  5. What an angle. The waves are providing so much depht in this image…

  6. Love how the waves reflects the sky!

  7. The water seems so smooth. So inviting, but probably quite cold.

  8. Like the waves and the cool reflections

  9. The color..the water…the subtle wavey reflections. Stunning image. WOW!

  10. Dazzling colors and a really awesome perspective. Excellent shot!

  11. It looks like you were in the water:-) Exceptional capture.

  12. The clarity of the colors and water reflections are exceptional. A beautiful sharp image. Can imagine how you were able to get such a fascinating perspective.

  13. i love the soft rise and fall of the waves and the crisp colour of the .

  14. Beautiful waves captured, excellent perspective!!

  15. i like the shining, glossy surface of the water with the colorful boat in the background.

  16. Very nice capture. cool perspective! 😀

  17. Interesting waves and reflections. He seems to be steaming along rather quickly.

  18. Love the waves and the reflections. Nice shot.

  19. love the water in this – excellent shot!

  20. The soft waves multiply reflecting the ship are great. Very well seen and captured!

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