Seedcase from a Lily

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  1. So perfect and the greyscale was a wonderful choice.

  2. Perfectly simple..and simply perfect. Love the b&w processing.

  3. ca a un aspect lunaire !

  4. If it weren\'t for macros like this, Frida, we would never see the intricacies of such things Nature has to show us!

  5. Wow, beautiful detail. Great processing!

  6. nature is amazing. and so is this shot.

  7. A fine close up of something I\'ve never seen! Wonderful texture and lighting. A fine post!

  8. Love the texture. Great B&W.

  9. such minute details, even simple life is so complex

  10. bonsoir,
    A great shot..A wonderful lightness,and greyscale..Bravo!

  11. Interesting subject and great b&w tones.

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