Nature in miniature II

Nature In Miniature II
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  1. Whoa! That is an unusual insect – like the background of green, too!

  2. This is one interesting looking, hm, dragonfly? Very nice macro.

  3. Nice one! – Somehow with ozzy osbourne poppoed into my head.

  4. Looks like you have visiting some alien planet here 😉 I admire that you managed to get the whole DOF sharp like this. Tripod is a must i guess?

  5. Wow! This world is fantastic. Excellent macro.

  6. What an odd looking insect you\'ve captured! I have no idea what family it belongs to. Beautiful shot.

  7. Oh my goodness–I think you\'ve knocked me off my socks.

  8. This fantastic close up has a magical feel about it. Great detail and mood at the same time. Fine work.

  9. like a scene from a strange, alien world. very good indeed.

  10. WOW! Extraordinary detail!!! Love the color and light.

  11. Amazing!

  12. Fantastic, amazing! Speechless!

  13. wow, this is beautiful!!!

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