1. W*O*W!!!!! Helt jäkla otroligt läcker!! GRATTIS!!

  2. Wow! Love this face-to-face encounter.

  3. Frida! Incredible! I used this word a lot today, but your image really captures that word to its fullest!! WoW!

  4. Impressive macro shot!

  5. It looks like he is there posing for you! Amazing macro shot!

  6. excellent, superb, and he\'s even looking in the lens :))

  7. Ver intresting, picture. I kept looking at it. Great details of the insect and the leaf. What lens did you use? Greetings!

  8. Definitely an outstanding macro. The fine details are exceptional. Great sharpness and clarity, stunning work!

  9. Fantastic capture! The focus is spot on, it really looks like it is ready to jump put of the screen!

  10. Extremely great macro!! The extensive dof is amazing!!
    This is definitely in the top of macro range!

  11. Wow – superb close up. He is fixing me strong 🙂

  12. strange and alien…but what a brilliant shot! really wonderful

  13. impressive macro shot

  14. Wordless Wednesday left me speechless! What a dramatic, straight on shot of this fellow. Excellent work.

  15. Ready for takeoff!

  16. Wow. An incredible piece of macro work.


  17. WOW!!! Gosh this thing is looking thrue my eyes!!! really cool image… but is the one of the ugliest animal… urggg! 😛

  18. WOWOW!!! Stunning macro!!!

  19. Love the greens and the eyes.

  20. Lovely macro shot, I love the green color tones a lot

  21. OMG! I thought it would jump on me, creepy little devil.

  22. Amazing Macro!
    It made me jump a bit when it popped on screen!
    Beautiful shades of green too… WOW!

  23. oh wow, phenomenal capture. I think he\'s going to jump out of the screen at me.

  24. WOW! Love how you framed this..and those eyes! Just WOW!

  25. OMG, Frida. It doesn\'t get better than this! By the way, do you have to use a special micro lens for images like this? I can never do this, even after trying hard!

  26. ROFL, I\'m almost going cross eyed, we\'re looking at each other so closely! Great Shot! 😀

  27. Wow, what a beautiful macro. He seems ready to jump on you.

  28. Wow, great sharpness and details.

  29. Looks like you really came face to face with a bug of the underworld here 🙂

  30. That\'s up close and personal photo 🙂

  31. Oh, hello there! 🙂

    Great close-up photo. Impressive!

  32. Simply stunning. the eyes appear to be looking straight at you.

  33. The perspective is awesome, the focus perfect and the depth of field astonishing. Excellent shot!!!

  34. Häftig bild! Har inte sett nån i år och har förra sommarens \"gäst\" som hoppade upp på objektivet i färskt minne. Att inte kameran flög då är ett under. *s* Jag tycker om kryp men plötsligt närkontakt ogillas. Kramkram

  35. One of the creepiest I\'ve ever seen. I swear if that thing jumped on me I\'d totally lose it. Your were actually standing in front of it. You\'re very brave.

  36. Wow….amazing… he looks me right into the eyes !
    Great great macro !

  37. That\'s a cool one! Great sharpness. Really like the eyes.

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