Alert Spider

Alert Spider
  1. Focus is perfect and the depth of field excellent. You captured a fascinating creature here!

  2. Stunning detail and a fascinating subject . . the eyes look all-seeing although I believe they are very selective in what they do see.

  3. Spiders are not my favoriete animals, but behind the marcro they very interessting. A superb D.o.F. here

  4. What a fine close up. The detail and coloring is excellent. Top-flight photography!

  5. This a macrophoto as I like them. Cryspy, full of details and a very good light.
    Thumbs up !

  6. fantastic capture awesome focus and colors

  7. Amazingly sharp scary macro!
    My first reaction was to close my browser. This spider was to creepy for me.

  8. marvellous detail and colour here!!

  9. LOVE IT!!!
    Something I learned recently….
    Before building a new web, spiders eat and digest the old web. Using radioactive tagging, scientists discovered that up to 90% of the old web material can be found in the new web (even if it was only a half hour between when the spider ate the old web and built the new one)!

  10. Nice macro. Does it bite??

  11. Nasty and beautiful at the same time, I\'ll just never become a fan of spiders.

  12. I don\'t like spiders, but the details on the body are amazing!

  13. A part of me squirms at the sight of this..but then – I have to look again at this most extraordinary detail. WOW!

  14. Great details. I can count 6 eyes. 🙂

  15. Wow..great macro, excellent details and colors!

  16. beautiful
    our house is full of spiders, it takes a lot of time for me to safely move them out 🙂

  17. OMG, I can\'t believe all of the spider photos I\'ve been seeing lately. Mine included, but I haven\'t posted mine yet. This is a great shot!! Excellent clarity and an interesting little spider with at least six eyes!! =)

  18. That\'s a nice one. Amazing how you can see the eyes.

  19. This is a beautiful shot, slight creepy but definitely cool!

  20. It\'s like a jewel, Frida. Quite amazing…if you can get past it\'s being a spider!

  21. oooh scary, I love how you can see the bit of silk thread, and the hairs on its legs. This is a fantastic shot–you continue to amaze me

  22. Wow, fantastic, good one!

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