Autumn is here

Autumn is here

This is what you’ll see around our small town right now.

  1. What a wonderful image to usher in autumn!

  2. Looks like my town, beautiful.

  3. Looks like CANADA! Great scenery, I enjoy the simplicity.

  4. Round bails are interesting. I was told farmers switched from the rectangular ones because they could not get enough workers to throw them around. Nice sky.

  5. I like the golden tones of the grass, very nice and relaxing landscape

  6. It could be straight out of our Midwest, Frida!

  7. Beautiful golden colors and balls in the fields. I wonder what are those big tank for, cattle food?

  8. So very beautiful. The farm itself looks like it\'s thriving and being well cared for. Nice to see that.

  9. Excellent image with great composition and colors, beautiful light!

  10. Vilken härlig bild!

  11. Great composition, nature and modern days buildings – the color tone is wonderful!

  12. Impressive scene of a golden season!
    I would try to capture this again with a nice sunset highlighting the silo.
    Great composition!

  13. Autumn is on the air! a beautiful rural shot

  14. Autumn is truly here! Well expressed. The air is getting crisp and all the harvest is almost done with.

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