Late Summer Flowers

Late summer flowers
  1. Yes, beautiful.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Lovely colors and details!

  4. Lovely! I like the dof used and how the flowerf fill the frame. Beautiful.

  5. Great use of light and dof~

  6. amazing Frida , wonderfull popping flowers

  7. I love the colors in this one, they are really vibrant and alive. Nice shot!

  8. Lovely shades of lavender color, beautiful composition!

  9. Gorgeous color and detail. Love how they fill the frame.

  10. A sea of flowers, looks great!

  11. wow Frida…that\'s really beautiful!

  12. Beautiful flowers, I like the composition

  13. aawww the color purple!!! it\'s a festival of flowers!! such a pretty shot!!

  14. So very delicate. Wonderful capture. I\'ve tried purple in macros and it\'s not easy to get the edges of the petals to look right. This is really a terrific image.

  15. This is delightful, Frida. How can you not smile and say Thank You!

  16. What a luminous picture !
    When I look at your mosaic, I\'m surprised to see how coloured and bright are your pictures.
    Mine are so dark that I\'m asking myself if I had removed the cap ! 😀
    Nice work !

  17. Wonderful colours. Beautiful flowers!

  18. Amazing colors…love it!

  19. This ia a wonderful post for a sunday, those colours are beautiful, a delightful bouquet.

  20. beautiful…makes you happy just to see such colour.

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