Nature In Miniature

Nature in miniature

The flowers are about 5mm in diameter.

  1. Suveränt macro!

  2. Otroligt bra närbildsfoto. Mycket bra kontraster och färger. Man känner nästan att man har snigeln inpå sig.

  3. Beautiful combination – in spite of that snail probably devouring those delicate flowers!

  4. Really? 5mm? That makes me wanna get a marco lens…

  5. This is an incredible macro shot!

  6. What a cute little guy.

  7. Ljuvliga bilder. Man häpnar! HEJA HEJA HEJA!!

  8. Exquisite detail. Absolutely fantastic!!!

  9. Fantastic image detail, great colors and lighting.

  10. Wow the detail is amazing. There is a whole other world in the world of macro.

  11. Wonderful miniature world.

  12. bellissima ! looks like a fairy tale view.

  13. fantastic, you\'re really the queen of macro 🙂

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