Door lock

Door lock
  1. I enjoyed looking through your blog. I really like your work. This was one of my favs though. Very simple, but well done technically, and it just makes me happy for some reason.

  2. This looks like a dangerous weapon!
    I like the light and the vignetting.

  3. Nice details and colors of this locker.

  4. i like the presence of light here. very good tones too.

  5. Very nice colors. Perfect.

  6. It\'s palpable, Frida. I could reach out and flip it open. I love the colors, too!

  7. I love all of this last images. Keep the good work!

  8. Beautiful close up. Love the texture and the colours.

  9. This close is impressive for its fine textures and the detail in the rusted areas. Excellent close up.

  10. Fantastic details, i like the colors and light

  11. Great details, clarity and dof. The sunshine adds a beautiful warm glow to the iron.
    Nicely seen and well captured!

  12. Additional to all the loved colors, light and textures, this is a very cool clasp ! The simple effectiveness is dazzling.

  13. I agree with Claus – that\'s a very mean looking lock. Beautiful colors.

  14. this handle look more like a medieval murder weapon than a handle. 🙂

  15. A very nice image. The vignette really adds to almost any photo… Förresten, tack för dina kommentarer; jag gör mitt bĂ€sta att i stressiga tider hinna Ă„tergĂ€lda dom. Hoppas det gĂ„r bra med barnbarnet! /Peter

  16. I like this texture!

  17. Excellent capture, beautiful colors and light, great details and texture!!

  18. colour, detail and texture…all terrific!

  19. Definitely my kind of capture. The colors are splendid and what an unusual latch.

  20. Beautiful pictures. So much color and detail in the rusted metal and wood.

    I also like that it is a bit out of context, it gives the image a more abstract feel.

  21. The harsh light adds to the texture and the composition. Magnificent color!

  22. great textures and contrasts.

  23. i love rust, in photos of course not on stuff of mine.

  24. That is superv, I love the vivid colours and the way you\'ve captured the texture of seasoned wood and rustin metal. Bravo!

  25. cool

  26. Extraordinary detail. Love the colors in this rusty door latch.

  27. I like the sharpness and the details.

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