Forgotten Breakfast

For several days this breakfast bowl was standing on this stone wall. Then suddenly it was gone…….

  1. A great find, love this, but the soup is perhaps a bit too aqueous 🙂

  2. Some photos make you want to know the story behind it and this is one of them and your commentary just adds to the mystery. Very interesting juxtaposition of man and nature here too.

  3. How very strange. Looks like it\'s in the middle of an enchanted forest.

  4. What beautiful spot and moss covered boulders – I\'d forget more than my bowl and spoon at this verdant location!

  5. Very cool!

  6. very amazing green fantastic composition I like the contrast and shadows

  7. I think someone wanted the bowl, Frida! 🙂 What a cool, unexpected surrounding for it, though!

  8. Excellent image with great colors, composition and light! Beautiful!

  9. i\'d love to have breakfast in places like this! nice idea.

  10. Great story-telling photograph. It really gets you wondering.
    What a cool find!

  11. I like the fine green growth with all those beautiful shades. You\'ve arranged the components into a very nice composition too. Well done.

  12. i love the moss covered rocks! must be a wet area around there.

  13. I like this composition a lot, the green background is soothing as well

  14. Love this! Great capture and framing. The moss is incredible!

  15. A story about this picture. Did the person had to leave the place in hurry… Very nice.

  16. Interesting about the bowl. Beautiful landscape, lovely greens. Love the way you framed this shot, stunning details and clarity.

  17. I like this picture. An unexpected subject on a mossy stone that seems to been there for awhile. Beautiful green colours.

  18. That\'s interesting. I love the colors in this photo and the composition.

  19. Great photo and an interesting find.

  20. Oh, to eat breakfast in such beauty…Now THAT would be a great way to start your day.

  21. maybe tha cat ate it 🙂

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