Nature In Miniature

I think this is the last mushroom picture for a while 😉

  1. Great one. The shape and colors look stunning. What a incredible piece of design.

  2. Wet and warm !
    Great macro !

  3. You have some spectacular mushroom photos here. I find it hard to get the depth of field right on the shrooms. I\'ll keep at it.

  4. Hi Frida
    Great détails, very nice clarity and lovely colors!
    Great work!

  5. Really great!

  6. 🙂 Bright colours !

  7. Beautiful details. The colors and composition stand out. Nice work!

  8. I like the details and the colours.

  9. Excellent macro!
    Love the spiderweb that \"helps it stand straight\"!!

  10. DEF nice details here, and capture of texture, that sure look wet.

  11. Superb, I love the differnt shades of red lit by the sunlight … congrats Frida!

  12. Wow, this is totally awesome, Frida! A really excellent macro, so full of detail, color, and glorious little bits of bokeh. Love it.

  13. Beautiful mushroom and colors. I have never seen that shape of mushroom. Beautifully taken.

  14. The shape, the colors, the macro, the lighting…you\'ve nailed it, Frida.

  15. Beautiful colours and DOF

  16. they just keep getting better.

  17. Wow…this one is so different! I love the colours and details, and the contrasts between it and the grasses. Lovely!

  18. A beautiful toadstool! I love the colours,

  19. I like the mushroom\'s color and design which is very attractive. Love the bit of web and the interesting plane of focus in the greens. Nice shot.

  20. WoW! I love the colors, DOF and the detail. Very nice.

  21. I\'ve never seen a mushroom like this, great colors!

  22. I like especially the little reflections. Excellent macro with great lighting and details.

  23. the light and the colours in this photo are simply beautiful Frida!

  24. Excellent macro, amazing colors and details! Great work!

  25. Unbelievable colors and clarity. This is one fine image.

  26. Another ‚Nature in Miniature’ masterpiece! I really like the vivid colors and all the interesting details.

  27. gorgeous macro!

  28. beautiful!

  29. Well, if that\'s the last one, you certainly finished off with a bang. Incredible! You\'ve revealed the beauty of things most of us never notice…

  30. You saved the best for last, in my opinion. This is an amazing capture. The focus is so accurate it almost hurts! And the colors are wonderfully rich and vibrant.

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