Nature in Miniature

  1. I love the HAPPY colors! Excellent close-up of nature\'s best.


  3. That\'s a most lovely capture! Colors are spot on!

  4. Frida, your ‘miniature world’ series is really fantastic. Lighting and colors are exceptional here!

  5. Those mushrooms are delicious!

  6. A little song for you 😉


    Listen and be amazed 🙂

  7. Läckert fotat och så gott!!/E-L

  8. mumma…

  9. Excellent shot, great details and colors!

  10. Exceptional image, Frida. The vivid colors are wonderful and the clarity is just perfect. Such a beautiful look at the growth in your area.

  11. Wonderful! Exposure and lighting are perfect!

  12. Amazing colors .. the flash makes it special

  13. You certainly found a wonderful image with this one. Nicely done.

  14. love this…escpeically the colour: the mushroom looks like a raising muffin and i love the slippery greens around!

  15. I just love photographing mushrooms. Love the color and light in this!!!

  16. It\'s mushroom season! Nice \"portrait\" – any idea what species this is?

  17. delicate

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