Nature in Miniature

Forest floor

The Forest Floor

  1. Once again, I love the light !

  2. Same question as above – are these mushrooms? I\'ve never seen any quite like this. Nice find.

  3. Are those mushrooms?

    I\'m a big fan of Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. In several of his films – those shot on Fårö island – we see these huge mushrooms the size of small dinner plates. Are these the same mushrooms in their infancy, Frida?

  4. Beautiful! The colours are so warm and welcoming.

  5. Very autumnal, Frida…those colors are my kind of colors! 🙂

  6. amazing tones and detail!

  7. Fantastic greens and shades of brown.

  8. Excellent autumn shot, great details and colors! Beautiful!

  9. If we have anything like this in America it isn\'t in our area. So beautiful.

  10. Very nice colours and interesting details.

  11. i love all those little details !

  12. interesting colors and good dof

  13. wow, i love the colors and tetures. it\'s funny how looking at things so closely changes ones perspective.

  14. very interesting shot

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