My Fairy Tale Forest

Fairy tale
  1. Wonderful light on foerst floor … Great shot!

  2. They seem to be made in glass.
    Nice light… again 🙂

  3. Otroligt vackert!!

  4. You have a wonderful vision and conceptual thoughts in things like this \"Fairy Tale Forest\" – magical!

  5. Beautiful and very delicate!

  6. A fine close up. I like the two umbrella-like mushrooms and the criss cross patterns in the grass. Nice one.

  7. très jolies couleurs.

  8. Such a wonderful image! The light is magical and the low POV is simply perfect!

  9. I wonder if these are poisonous 🙂
    Great looking macro !

  10. Wow…great machoshot! Lovely tiny world!

  11. Another fantastic macro, great texture.

  12. Beautiful light, color and textures…well done!

  13. Wonderfully captured!
    You must enjoy these a great deal,
    and I can see why! They are beautiful flowers of a different sort…

  14. Looks like it was hidden from view and you uncovered it. Like that movie, \"Honey, I shrunk the kids\". The colors are so gorgeous.

  15. A peek into another world, a miniature world and a magical one too. Bravo!

  16. Always loved a fairy tale……these images are no different… them too.

  17. Absolutely magical!! Love how you got down so low-to-the-ground!!

  18. That is so lovely… especially the way the light looks, glowing and still. Very much a fairytale glimpse 🙂

  19. Fascinating glimpse into the world of small things! The DOF is really well controlled; details and clarity are superb.

  20. that\'s utterly cute

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