Still in bloom…

Still in bloom
Still in bloom in late October.

  1. Fantastic shot! May I ask what lens you use for your macro shots?

  2. Very nice point of view, great colours and bokeh.

  3. stunning detail and color!

  4. The detailing is amazing here!

  5. Love it!

  6. Perfect !
    The purple ray in the background is beautiful, too.

  7. Great lighting and colors. It could be easy to lose detail in the white petals, but you did a great job preserving them. Nicely done!

  8. Really beautiful!

  9. Fantastic macro with great details. I like the low angle and the colourful background.

  10. A beautiful and tender image; I love the details and the drops of water.

  11. Great angle and beautifully composed. Really like the water droplets which enhances the overall clarity and beauty in this image.

  12. Lovely. I think if it were upside down it would look like Nature\'s showerhead! 😛

  13. fantastic PP .. greate how you managed the drops

  14. A beautiful blossom shot. Love the background for this too with its impressionistic look. Fine post.

  15. Perfectly simple..and simply perfect. Absolutely stunning color and detail.

  16. A really low point of view about this macro…GREAT!

  17. Wonderful bokeh, it makes all the difference.

  18. I\'m glad to see you still have flowers. We do too:-) The droplets and vantage point from underneath really work nicely here.

  19. So vibrant. Love the angle of view, it\'s unusual.

  20. Beautiful shot! Love the details, the water drops and that little bent down petal.

  21. Still in bloom and soaking up the rain. It\'s almost like the Northern Lights are smiling on this, Frida!

  22. Wow, remarkable shot!

  23. Oh, wow! I love this photograph… the detail on the sepals, the water droplets, and that one little petal bent downward just so… pristine and beautiful!

  24. lovely composition. like the spot of purple leading eye up and down and back up the stem.

  25. Excellent macro with a beautiful background. I love it.

  26. a delicious sweetness with this great macro, i love the details and the colors
    a perfect macro

  27. enchanting shot

  28. beautiful details

  29. See this is nice, then you add the water droplets and its taken to another level. Well thought out bokeh too, nothing distracting at all.

  30. Wonderful colours, a beautiful image!

  31. Fantastic angle and so clear even the dew drops are clear well done !!

  32. What a beautiful visual treat on this foggy and gray October day! I like the upward angle you have chosen.

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