Stay In The Right Lane

Stay in the right lane
  1. A wonderful little slice of life and B&W is the perfect medium.

  2. This looks wonderful as a black and white photograph – another thing that is so striking is not only \'words\' have vanished on this \"Wordless Wednesday\" (I\'m a day late and dollar short), but there are no people or automobiles!

  3. What a great POV, Frida! Love the height to this.

  4. Stunning view, love the lines and patterns from the interesting architecture. Excellent B&W image with great contrasts and tones.

  5. Great black and white image, the emptiness gives it a special mood, works very well with the birds perspective!

  6. oh that MY life could be so organized!
    beautiful photo, frida, and just how
    i have always imagined sweden to be.

  7. Great perspective. Nice B+W shot.

    It is definitely the season for road construction. Here in Canada too. I guess the logic is \"Quick. \'Gotta\' get it done before the ground freezes up\"

  8. \"Stay in the right lane\" – seems impossible in this street!

  9. fantastic tone b/w very very nice skyline

  10. This is fantastic. I see only two people in the picture. Where everybody is?

  11. fantastic view, perfect in B&W!

  12. Excellent seen and captured. Quite confusing lines 🙂 Love your point of view.

  13. Beautiful shot, I like the use of the B&W

  14. Yeah… Sweeden rocks. Im sure you already saw some os my \"swedish\" pictures…

  15. Great… i like it. where it is?

  16. Love your point-of-view. Such a wonderful cityscape!!!

  17. Very nice in B&W, Frida, and just about as clear as it can be.

  18. Great view, very well seen and done!

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