Blackberry Bushes

  1. nicely rustic scene, terrific!

  2. Still green? I\'m surprised – ours have withered away weeks ago.

  3. The color tones and textures are beautiful in this image

  4. This is a nostalgic and serene picture of autumn in its best mood. I wish we could have a bit sun here to.

  5. how quaint

  6. Love this freeform cultivation . . at one with Nature.

  7. Beautiful warm colours!

  8. Lovely sense of history in the building

  9. Love the warm sunlight in this shot! 🙂

  10. I\'d forgotten how blackberry bushes look. Nice shot in the bright sunlight.

  11. Any blackberries left??

  12. amazing .. the warm light

  13. A sunny autumn day, with the warmth of the sun and the smell of earth – Great image!

  14. Gorgeous color and detail. Very nice!

  15. Beautiful sunny autumn-day.

  16. The structure is charming. I like those windows behind the bush.

  17. Great autumn image…

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