Kissing frogs

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince.

  1. What a great moment. I imagine the froggie chilling on a trampoline.

  2. What happened when you kissed it?? 😉

  3. Is this one of those adventures? Could be.

  4. This is adorable. I had no idea they were ever that tiny.

  5. Funny and whimsical – seems like a mischievous \'prince\' at that!

  6. Thank you for making me laugh.

  7. Look what you found! Awesome!!

  8. Härlig färgglad bild. Så söt den lille krabaten är!

  9. Vilken jättehärlig bild!

  10. Beautiful capture. Light and colors wonderful. Antoine.

  11. Nice timing – those guys don\'t sit still long. Colors are great too.

  12. Det blir bra med de starka färgerna som kontrasterar mot varandra och sedan grodan som sitter som en kung (prins?) över sitt rike.

  13. Morrn.
    Ha ha, han ser nykysst ut.
    Kul bild.
    Den var liten eller?
    ha de bra.

    Hasse A

  14. Excellent shot (maybe too much grass) !

  15. Sötast var Paddan, även den rund och go!
    Ha en bra dag!/ Anna

  16. Did you kiss it?

  17. Underbar o rund dessutom! Dekorationen.. inte dum den heller.Finfin tolkning!

  18. Vackraste bilden idag än så länge:-)

  19. Maffigt!

  20. Cute title Frida, can\'t say the same thing about the toad though. Great capture, love the contrasting colors and the details in that toad.

  21. This frog has found a beautiful mushroom to sit on. Beautiful.

  22. What a perfect timing and placing!! Did you have to wait a long time for it get here or is this his favorite spot in your backyard?
    Great image!

  23. wow is it real? amazing capt my friend!

  24. Well, that looks like a toad to me, so I hope you didn\'t kiss it!

  25. \'Love this one! My first reaction was laughter! I imagined the toad saying to the photographer: \"Don\'t you even THINK of touching this mushroom. This is MY MUSHROOM, B**ch !!\"

  26. Has to be the shot-of-the-day ! Brilliant capture and such a handsome toad/frog.

  27. FANTASTIC!! The true meaning of \'toad\'stool. Love this!!!

  28. A toad on a toadstool = awesome!! Truly great capture!

  29. Better not to risk 🙂 great picture 🙂

  30. But maybe just one time when it\'s a toad. 😉

  31. beautiful capture
    really like a fairy tale

  32. Wow, wonderful find and great capture! Did you kiss it?

  33. this is so cooooool, very nice capture!

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