Steam Engine Detail

Steam Engine
Faktoriet is an industrial and technology museum. On the first Sunday of every month there is a live steam demonstration with some of the historic steam engines working. The museum also has a variety of temporary exhibitions. In the experience room, Faktotum, visitors can try out experiments that have links to traditional and modern industry in Eskilstuna.
Source Museums in Eskilstuna

  1. Love this one Frida. Great colours and textures. I can almost hear the engine and smell the oil. In Sydney there is an interactive museum, called the \"Powerhouse Museum\". There are machines just like this, and scientific experiments that visitors can be part of.

  2. I love looking at engines of all sorts, they are very interesting.

  3. incredible capture…I can smell the oil from here!

  4. Ah vilken fin bild från min gammla hemstad 😉 inte länge sedan jag var på faktori museet men utan kamera, smet in under en paus på en tråkig föreläsning. Alltid lika kul att gå runt där.

  5. a brassy wonder! love it!

  6. I want one of these under my hood. Bet it gets great mileage.

  7. My immediate thought, too, was that this was a line-up of taps for draft beer. 😀 It\'s a great POV, Frida.

  8. Ooh – lovely colors and beautiful composition. I\'d love to see it running!

  9. \"Romantic\" comes to mind. Weird but it reminds me of H.G. Wells \"Time Machine\" A Victorian era design, back when they made an effort to make everything with flair and appealing visually (as well as function). Beautifully captured image!

  10. wow Frida … good work .. first of all like the harmonic sharpness

  11. You\'ve chosen a fine section of the engine to get this very attractive picture. Love the warm, metallic look of these machined parts. Fine image.

  12. Beautiful details and great colors

  13. Beautiful details. Is it the machine from an elevator?
    The colours are great!

  14. interesting shot

  15. You are such a versatile photographer! Great composition.

  16. wonderful compo and awesome processing 🙂

  17. The coppery colours in this composition are excellent. Nice shot.

  18. Amazing colours and sense of depth in this capture. Isolatin interestin details like this is difficult, but this works really well.

  19. Great detail, this machine is splendid

  20. I have a steam museum not far from me here and this shot brings back the lovely smells of hot oil, smoke and steam . . hee hee . . these things seemed to be alive !

  21. What a fine display…so nostalgic. The golden hues in this are gorgeous.

  22. So much to see in this shot!! Love the warm colors.

  23. Hej Frida. Jag har suttit och tittat runt i ditt fotogalleri. Vilka fantastiska foton du har tagit. Jag tycker om dina motiv, hur ljuset faller in och olika vinklar du har använt. Jag skulle kunna skriva något om alla dina bilder. Jag som håller på att lära mig min digitala systemkamera är som den lilla söta babyn inte så erfaren. Jag har en gång använt en analog systemkamera men det finns så många flera inställningar i min digitala och värdena är inte helt de samma. Just det här fotot, en motor tror jag att det är med cylindrar och ventiler är som övriga foton en vacker bild med fin skärpa och ljus. Det var kul att jag tog mig tid att titta på din blogg. Jag lägger dig i min länklista.
    Ha en bra vecka Margareta

  24. I love this one. Such sharpness and rich color. This really grabs the viewer\'s attention and holds it. You always find interesting subject matter.

  25. I like the golden brown tones and the details. Very nice shot.

  26. wonderful colors!

  27. What a wonderful piece of machinery. Love the color..the detail…the light you\'ve captured here.

  28. Espectacular la nitidez que has conseguido, el colorido genial. Saludos!

  29. i wish it was for producing beer

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