Tools of a firefighter

  1. Den här bilden är helt enkelt magisk!

  2. Nice! Looks kind of spooky to me.

  3. Gorgeous soft light – like the leather and timber feel, too.

  4. Lovely shot!

  5. they are sweet…love the light!

  6. A very nostalgic feeling image. I especially like the soft light filtering in from the side. The items themselves are most interesting. A fine photograph!

  7. Very nice details and colors

  8. Tools of the trade, could not have imagined what these were. Excellent and interesting shot, love the side lighting and the warm tones.

  9. there must had been tough times for those firefighters… i love the light and the brown tones of wood and leather

  10. wow. beautiful log cabinish, leathery photograph! if you hadn\'t said those were for fighting fires, i wouldn\'t have ever guessed. the burned wood is a clue, i know, but i\'m slow. but the photo turned out beautifully!

  11. It reminds me of the song, \"Go fetch a bucket of water, Boys, there\'s water down below!\" 🙂 I love the lighting, Frida.

  12. Nice old tools for fire fighting. Beautiful picture and ambiance.

  13. Lovely light in this. Looks like the bottoms are gone on a few of those buckets.

  14. amazing capture .. love the warm brown tones

  15. great mood, wonder what those tools are for

  16. Beautiful sidelight and very pleasing range of brown tones.

  17. A year ago? I should have an archive like this:-) I love images like this.

  18. Such a nice shot and the light is excellent. The softness and slight glow creates a wonderful mood.

  19. nice work!

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