Some Support

Some support
  1. Every one needs some support sometime. Nice browns.

  2. This made me smile. Our old barn has some similar supports holding up the roof.

  3. A fine shot of this precarious looking corner. Love the wood tones and detail.

  4. Love the colors and texture of the wood. Well seen. =)

  5. Nice composition and the colours and softness in this shot are excellent!

  6. The word \'perilous\' comes to mind . . I don\'t think you should get too close !

  7. I can fix that… where is my duct tape?

  8. One of my very favorite things…barns. Great shot!

  9. rustic, but not too safe looking! nice shot.

  10. very lovely compo . nice processing .

  11. Nice work of this abandoned location

  12. Oh, WOW, Frida. I wasn\'t expecting this from you. 🙂 I LOVE barns and this is a beauty, I can tell.

  13. lol , it seems it sill lot of repairs 😉

  14. Somebody living there? Some pieces of wood need to be change.

  15. It could need some help 🙂

  16. Would love to know the history here. If the walls could talk.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  17. I\'d say, I don\'t think I\'d walk under there.

  18. it doesn\'t look convincingly strong 🙂

  19. Looks like someone is attempting to save this wonderful structure. Just look at that rich wood. I like the yellow tree in the background too.

  20. Very nice. Have a great Wednesday.

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