The Chandelier

A image from Tom Tits Experiment

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  1. How cheery!

  2. The chandelier of a mass murder 🙂

  3. That is so cool in a very creepy way!

  4. Bet they don\'t sell that at Home Depot.

  5. Love the symmetry in your photograph. Tom Tits: This place seems to be a lot of fun.

  6. It\'s creepy and I don\'t care for it as decor…but as a shot? Fun. What a find.

  7. WOW when I can buy this masterpiece? Great find my friend!

  8. should be in an old castle but what a terrific creation!!

  9. Whoever made this is extremely good. The shape of it is just beautiful. The bones and skulls were unexpected with such flowing elegance.

  10. That is one creative and creepy work of art… I\'d love to see the house that it is in.

  11. wow–that is so cool. real or replicated bones?

  12. just wow!

  13. who\'s chandelier is that?

  14. oh my, i don\'t think i\'d want that in my home.

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