The Mad Hatters Tea Parlor

Mad hatter
  1. Uhh looks like another cool place to explore.

  2. Very nice – like how the mountain seems to be at \'one\' with it.

  3. So misteriously…LIKE IT!

  4. Nice root cellar! Still in use?

  5. Very nice capture of the cellar. Overgrown like this it looks very mysterious.

  6. Interesting place! The valve makes us wonder – is it some kind of shelter?
    The nature is \"overwhelming\" – love all the different tones of green!

  7. Lost in the nature. I wonder what is inside. There is no window and it should be dark…

  8. What a wonderful find

  9. What a great find. It\'s straight out of a storybook. Love it.

  10. If the door were round, Frida, it would be a good place for a Hobbit! 🙂

  11. Beautiful photo, and a really interesting structure. Somewhat mysterious – I would love to see something like that on a walk in the woods.

  12. It looks like a place he\'d hold a party, great shot. I\'m giving out the \"you made a difference\" award on my blog. It\'s a button I designed just so I could let people know they\'ve made a difference in my blogging experience. Your photo journal is one of my favorite places to visit. –just wanted to let you know.

  13. Love the title:-) Looks like a creepy place, particularly with that steel plated lock.

  14. Very cool photo, like the filter too!

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