A little red

After weeks of rainy dark weather we finally got some snow. Today is a beautiful sunny day with -5C (23F) perfect for a walk

  1. Incredible, natural ornaments adorned by snow! Also, like this combined with the green bokeh background.

  2. Love the Red, Green and White in this imagine. Would be a great Christmas Card. A wonderful find, thank you for sharing!

  3. It\'s nice to see colour with snow, and this red has become so vibrant. Nice one.

  4. good contrast between the snow and the red fruits

  5. What a lovely composition. Those berries in snow look almost like nests !

  6. I really love the spatial depth and the natural colors in this one. A wonderful capture!

  7. A little red makes a nice pictures. Good job.

  8. I feel like santa should be off in the distance, great holiday shot!

  9. perfect for the season

  10. The white and green background make these berries jump out of the image! The snow decorates them very well too. Nice shot.

  11. A little red against the snow and evergreens, symbols of winter. 🙂

  12. \"some snow\" Här tar vi oss nästan inte fram. Men så är vi ju Sthlmare också. De får ju alltid värst med snö, kaos & panik. 😉 Doris ääälskar det o far fram som en galning. 🙂

  13. They\'re holding quite a load. Such a beautiful shot for the season.

  14. beautiful

  15. Sweet! Gotta love those first flakes of falling snow. Such lovely colors!!!

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