We went for some geocaching today. It was the first time.
Our first cache was situated in the old quarters in Västerås.

  1. Geocaching sounds fun – I\'ve never done it, but like how you combine your skillful photographer\'s eye while out doing it!

  2. Mycket fint, det är nästan så att man kan se de små tomtenissarna som gömmer sig runt hörnet.

    Kram Maria

  3. Interesting to be doing something like geocaching in such a historic area. What would the original occupants make of this?

  4. Is the winter over yet? Great contrast with the red and the white.

  5. I love the richness of these colors.

  6. Great green red colors. Often when my wife and I geocache I take pictures while she hunts. They go well together.

  7. What wonderful colors in the winter snow. Great find!

  8. love how the water line green matches the building 🙂

  9. Fabulous shot – it makes geocaching in the woods here in East Texas look easy. Except for the looking out for snakes part!

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