Have a nice weekend!

  1. These are works of art in themselves – they look scrumptious – nice, warm white balance, too!

  2. Nice detail. How do they taste??

  3. Great shot and a nice collection of colours. I have to ask, are the frogs a traditional christmas cake? We have similar ones in South Australia, where there are lot of german immigrants.

  4. Wonderful hotchpotch of colors and shapes. Great find!

  5. Looks very delicious. The frogs are so cute. 🙂

  6. way to cute to eat!

  7. j\'adore, jolie comopsition.

  8. What deliciously beautiful treats!

  9. Oh my! Are these edible? Are you having your pre-Christmas sugar rush??

  10. Beautiful and delicious creatures…

  11. Mmmmmmm söta & goda!

  12. Those look like they\'d take a long time to make and a short time to eat:-) I still like your image from a year ago too:-)

  13. how sweet, made me smile

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